Calving Camera Systems

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Calving Cameras

Monitor your cows during calving season.

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Wireless Connection

Connect house to shed with Directional Antennas.

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Connection Diagrams

Find out how to connect up a Calving Camera System.

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Mobile Devices

View video from the camera on many different mobile devices.

Remote Viewing

View Calving Camera over the Internet.

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Calving Camera Systems

An information and review site that provides the best information on how to install a calving camera system for your farm. It details how to set up and configure the many different types of calving camera systems and offers advise on the best products to buy.




Unable To Connect To Ip Camera Subnet Issue

Unable to connect to an IP Camera? This could be an issue with the network subnet configuration on the IP Camera. In this article it explains how to debug and fix this type of issue.

Analogue Calving Camera Systems Part 1

This article describes how to build an analogue calving camera system. It talks about different setup configurations of systems and also the different types of analogue equipment that can be used.

Hd Speed Dome Calving Camera Review

This article is a review of a HD mini speed dome PTZ IP Camera for using as a calving camera. This article goes through the features of the Camera and rates how well the camera has performed.

Foscam F18919w Pt Ip Calving Camera Review

This article is a review of the Foscam F18918W IP PT camera for using as a calving camera. This article goes through the features of the Camera and rates how well the camera has performed.

Viewing Calving Camera Over The Internet

This article describes how to connect and configure a calving camera system up to the Internet. There are two main ways to accomplish this; a static IP address from your ISP or with a DDNS. This article will describe in detail how to setup can configure both of these options.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras are small video cameras that are shaped like a rifle bullet. Bullet Cameras easily mount on ceilings or walls. The main advantage of Bullet Cameras is their low cost and small size. Although they have a low cost and are very small, they still provide excellent picture quality and video recording.

Ip Wireless Directional Antenns

IP Directional Antennas can be used when there is a long distance between the Shed and the House. This article describes how to set a directional antenna up and how to integrate them with IP Cameras.

Wireless Connection To Calving Camera

Making a connecting between the shed back to the house using a long range wireless connection. This post dicusses the difference between omidirectional and directional antennas transmitting analog CCTV or digital Wi-fi signals.

Infrared Calving Cameras

Cameras can come with Infrared built in, giving the camera Night Vision. Infrared Cameras (IR) gives the ability to view the video, from the camera, in low light or complete darkness.

Ptz Calving Camera

PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) are very useful when you want to view large shed areas with a single Camera. You can control the viewing angle of the Camera. If set up to have a two way communication between the Camera and PC the viewing angle can be changed remotly from the PC.

Ip Calving Camera System

Information about how to set up and install an IP Calving Camera Systems. It documents the steps that are needed to configure the IP Calving Camera to allow it to be connected via a Laptop or PC.

Cctv Calving Camera System

This blog post contains information to show you how to configure and setup an analog CCTV calving camera systems. It also contains information about some of the equipment that can be used in these systems, such as video splitters and DVRs.