Wireless Calving Camera

Long distance between House to Shed

Posted by Jarlath Holleran on May 20, 2015

If the distance between your House and Shed is too far to run cables you can transmit the video through wireless. There are many types of Antennas that can be used depending on the distance between the two building and the type of Camera System you wish to install.

Omnidirectional radiates radio waves uniformly in all directions. This radiation pattern looks like a doughnut shape. If you are planning to install a number of Calving Cameras in different Sheds on the farm an omnidirectional antennas is an ideal choice. As long as the radiation pattern covers all the Sheds then multiple Cameras, in different Sheds, can be installed and connect wirelessly to the omnidirectional antenna.

Although high powered omnidirectional antennas can go long distances they are not as efficient as directional antennas. Directional Antennas focus the radio waves in single and narrow direction which means that longer distances can be achieved with a lot less power. These antennas are better for long distances and when the wireless connection is only needed between two points. Directional antennas are and excellent choice for use in a Calving Camera System as usually the shed where you keep your cattle are a long distance from the house where you live. These distances can be a couple of hundred of meters to a couple of kilometres.

Directional antennas can be used in a CCTV or an IP Camera Systems. There is a difference between the setup for a CCTV and for IP systems. For a CCTV system there is only a one way signal between antennas, one antenna will transmit the signal and the other will only receive the signal. In an IP system there is a two way communication between antennas, both antennas will transmit and receive the signal.

long range cctv system

Two antennas are fitted outside the two building (Shed and House) facing each other. The higher up they are the better as to avoid obstructing buildings. Having a clear line of sight between the antennas well help to avoid any interference to the signal.

The Camera is connected into the Directional Antenna in the Shed and transmits the video, as radio waves, to the other Directional Antenna, which will receive the video, and is connected into the TV to be displayed.

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